impact of covid 19

The spike in the number of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia has affected lives and livelihoods at every level of society. Under a nation-wide partial lockdown, many found themselves left without a regular income as businesses and corporations closed their doors indefinitely. Travel restrictions have forced tour operators and other companies to take drastic measures, laying off staff or shutting down altogether. As market prices rise drastically, many fears that the effects of Covid-19 will only grow in days to come.

our role

In response to this health crisis, Samasuka Sdn Bhd resolved to make a positive impact by addressing the increasing demand of test kits and other medical supplies in the nation by sourcing medical-related items directly from credible and verified manufacturers and distributing these resources to the market efficiently.

We are authorised to market and distribute medical devices from Beijing Savant Biotechnology Co Ltd and Shanghai Fosun Long March Medical Science Co Ltd – listed companies in China, New York and Hong Kong.

Our commitment to supply high quality medical resources at accessible prices remains strong in this unprecedented health crisis.

Our ProductS

Our range of covid-19 test kits and essential medical item

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